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Happy Birthday Flowers with a twist, did you know that every Zodiac sign and Birth month has a different flower associated with it? Our happy Birthday section will give you the run-down on what gift to choose to personalise your loved ones birthday flowers surprise!

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Birthstone February

Amethyst - Mauves and creams are the star combination...


Birthstone August

Peridot - Green and white for sheer elegance shown...


Birthstone May

Emerald - Precious Emeralds - folded leaves, ferns and...


Birthstone September

Sapphire - A serene hand-tied of white Roses and...


Birthstone November

Citrine - Rich brown Anthuriums set the scene in...


Birthstone March

Aquamarine - This attractive hand-tied features green Anthuriums, white...


Birthstone April

Diamond - Everyone's favourites - white Lilies and Roses...


Birthstone June

Pearl - One to treasure, a true celebration of...


Birthstone July

Ruby - Less is more - a dozen velvety...


Birthstone October

Opal - Subtle tones of white and cream Germini,...


Birthstone December

Topaz - Make a splash with this large aqua...


Birthstone January

Garnet - This Happy Birthday bouquet is filled with...